Social Media: Connecting With Your Target Market

Here is the situation:

You send to Facebook every day, update your Twitter regularly and keep your landing page updated. You are compliant with your updates, but not just the people who are talking. This is a similar elementary school, excluded from other children and just wants to register.

For some, social media can be like another country. (According to Social Media Revolution 2011, if Facebook is a country, it will be the third largest in the world!) It has its own label, standard, and language. If you do not grow up using the internet, it’s easy to feel like a dodge because it’s just another world.

Social media

Do not worry; We will be friends and we will sit down with lunch. Here are some quick tips that you may want to remember when you develop your digital social skills and reach your target market.

Quick Social Media Tips

  • Make sure the content is fun, original and personal. Submit relevant content and appeal to your brand community.
  • Keep the tongue simple and straightforward. Focus on nouns and verbs before adjectives and adverbs. On average, the fifth reading level or less is more efficient. The easiest language on blogs is likely to be re-shared.
  • Participate in the dialogue. It is fascinating and listening. It’s not about you; These are customers.
  • Display authenticity live. On Twitter, your tweets value is important. A hundred precious tweets are better than thousands of useless. These include automatic responses, which you can easily lose the attention of your followers. People want to see that there is a real person behind the computer. This generally makes people more vulnerable, which makes them more likely to participate.
  • Identify trends. In the same way as real life, changes in the online world quickly, if not faster. The best way to learn here is to experiment it yourself. Use your own social media account and study the culture, language, and behavior of your community.
  • Include video and images. Can people feel tired of reading the text at all times and who does not like photos and videos? According to a Cisco study, people are most likely to remember videos and photos of reading or hearing.
  • Contests are a fun way to get involved in your community. Facebook offers an excellent platform.
  • On Facebook, enable peer-to-peer interactions. The best way to achieve this is to create a friendly environment. Answer and participate positively.
  • Provide a solid brand. Test and send out the relevant information that people expect from you based on your profile description. On Twitter, do not publish how great it is to take medication, while your profile tells you that you are a preschool teacher. Okay, it’s a bit extreme, but you get the score. It may disappear from your followers!
  • On Twitter and Facebook, do not just send out self-updates. Self-esteem is useful, but ultimately you will lose interest in your followers if that’s all you tweeted. Social media gives us the opportunity to engage in the consumer society, it’s different from traditional marketing, why not use it? This means communicating with your community, answering questions related to your product or service, or simply thanking someone for supporting your brand.

Always remember, social media is powerful, so you should be careful. You also have the same effect that damages your brand as you help it!