5 Reasons Every Parent Should Be Aware Of Instagram

Some parents may think they have a fair picture of their children’s online activities because they know how they use social media like Facebook.

The truth is that Facebook is no longer the best trend for teens. The latest craze is using Instagram and, while looking at first glance, it’s a simple and convenient way to share photos with your friends, there’s really more than that.


It’s like an extension of Facebook.

Facebook actually bought Instagram for $ 1 billion and the truth is that this app is basically an education for kids to present them to social networks. It allows people to share photos and love, comment and check what their contacts are doing at the same time.

The most notable thing about Instagram is that many children claim that they do not appreciate much on Facebook because Instagram gives them everything they want and need.


The process of sharing an Instagram photo is faster than you will need to share it with common social media like Facebook. With Instagram, you can take pictures with your phone and publish it instantly to your Instagram account. If you like a photo posted by someone you follow, just follow a double button and you love it! It is the type of extreme accessibility that draws people into this network.

  1. Even most private settings always display personal information

With the two privacy settings of this application, it becomes very clear that if you choose the highest privacy setting, you always leave a lot of personal information. Everyone will see the content of your biography and there are many shady people your kids can fly. We have heard all these children attracted and monitored in their own homes, the stalkers said. You need to make sure your child is sure to use Instagram and the amount of information they share with their biography.


There is a big difference between being a friend to someone you know for decades and being “friends” with someone you know just for online interaction. It is even more dangerous when your children start adding almost everything to their Instagram list just to get a larger list of “friends” as this makes it special. Make sure they understand the risks associated with doing so.


Instagram has become addictive to many people and there are children who spend hours every day by browsing photos and commenting on the pictures they want. It may be that this is beginning to have a negative impact on their lives on their phone. You must observe this type of behavior.

  1. What you need to do

You should note that Instagram is another way for your child to have a problem and waste time. There is no network of social networks to blame your children for having a problem or having a bad rating because they spend too much time surfing the photos. The real problem is not following what is happening with your children and they can not help them understand the consequences of their actions.